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Electronic Devices

Electronic devices often interfere with the orderly operation of the school and may cause a disruption to the learning environment. School rules prohibit such items as cell phones, iPods, audio/video devices, electronic games or any other electronic devices on campus during regular school hours and at designated school events. The school is not responsible when these items are lost or stolen.

All students are required to turn-in their cellular phones upon entrance onto our campus.  In addition, should reasonable belief arise that evidence of a school rule or policy violation exist either within a student’s social media account or within apps contained on a student’s cell phone,

Be advised: 

  • YSA will require investigative access to student’s social networking accounts and/or cell phones.
  • YSA will not notify parent(s) prior to accessing the student’s accounts or cell phone.
  • YSA will notify the parent(s) if any disciplinary action is taken due to information discovered during the investigation.

Unless previously authorized by the school’s administration or designee, students do not have consent to use personal electronic devices for the purpose of recording conversations, taking pictures, or recording video footage of others at school or at school-related activities/events.

Young Scholar’s Academy is committed to providing all students and staff with a safe school environment in which all members of the school community are treated with respect. Use of electronic devices in violation of this policy may result in discipline as determined by school administration.