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Special Session

The Special Session will be available during all breaks with the exception of the following: Christmas Break and the week preceding the beginning of the new school year. The Session is held in the Art Room and operates from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., Monday through Friday (holidays excepted).Some advantages of using the Special Session are:
  • Safe and fun alternative to childcare during the breaks
  • No uniforms required (close-toed shoes are mandatory)
  • Children may bring their skates, bikes, or skateboards (protective safety gear is required)
  • Children have the option of bringing board games, movies, XBox, or other approved electronics (YSA will not be responsible for lost or damaged items)
  • Drop-ins are welcome!
  • YSA Pre-School students may maintain their established schedules at their customary rates
  • The cost is $22.00 per day, or $12.00 per half-day (siblings are the half-day rate)
Please inquire with the school office for any additional information that you may need.

Thank you!